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Local Cub Scouts place flags on Fourth

JULY 5, 2021

With no Fourth of July parade to march in, Cub Scout Pack 494 still wanted to find a way to show their patriotism, and did just that by planting American flags on their neighbors’ front lawns.

“The boys each took a couple of streets of their own neighborhood, they walked up and down and lined the streets with flags and waved and said, ‘Happy Fourth of July’ to their neighbors,” said Lauren Dilles, den leader for the Bears and Lions.

For many of the boys, getting to wish their neighbors a Happy Fourth of July and spend some time together was the perfect way to celebrate the holiday while staying safe.

“I really liked it because it makes me happy when I get to do stuff for the neighborhood,” Benjamin Dilles, 8, said, adding that some neighbors even wished them a Happy Fourth of July.

“I felt confident and respectful to the United States,” added Nathan Hong, 7.

Similarly, for 8-year-old Pete Pero, placing flags on his cul de sac was a way to honor America on Independence Day.

“I think I was respecting the country,” Pero added.

The pack met for a picnic lunch at Fair Oaks Park before returning to place even more flags in the area.

“It was really sweet,” Dilles added. “We even had a couple people come out and say, ‘Thank you.’”

The pack placed a total of about 400 flags across the Santa Clarita Valley, which their parents hoped would help teach them a valuable lesson.

“It was just really nice to see that our kids are learning what it means to respect this country and to teach them what everyone has gone through for us to be enjoying the freedoms that we enjoy,” Laura Pero added.


Writer: Emily Alvarenga

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